A southern gentlemen in every sense… and a runner, most of the time.

Hometown–“The Thrill” or Chapel Hill, and sometimes “The Borough” or Carrboro, in North Cackalacky (alternatively Cackalacka or simply Carolina). It’s the real deep south so don’t try to pronounce it right, you need the appropriate drawl in your speech. Everyone here rides tractors around town and grows tobacco. Oh, and tons of moonshining going on.

Graduate of Univ. of Wisco-Madison in Spring 2010, although probably should have put it off Van Wilder style to avoid real life a bit. But who am I kidding–a professional runner…what does that even mean? Zoology major, so my path in life is clearly guiding me to either a zoo, a vet hospital, or a life with Grizzly Adams, RIP.

Currently reside and train in Greenville, SC at Furman Univ.

Contracted New Balance athlete starting in July 2010. They have made my post-collegiate career possible, including all international travels, and provide me with enough gear for a ten member family of runners and all of their race-walking relatives. In return, I sport their goods at races around the globe and do my best to market NB.  Side note and totally unrelated topic: I strongly encourage all of my readers to put New Balance to the test, try a pair of shoes, maybe a sleek pair of long-tights.  Trust me, they’ll feel good and look better.

Got a family, a dog, and some long-since buried gerbils (y’all are severely missed).

In my free time, I like relaxing bike rides along the beach, a good rom-com every now and then (but I’m all about my boy Nick Cage if I want to spice things up), beginner’s yoga on Thursday mornings, reading Playboy (for the articles, of course), collecting the birthstones of my friends (I’ve got close to 4, stones that is), hanging out with my boys at Six Flags, coffee breaks at Starbucks, only Starbucks (must have free wi-fi), and texting. I mean I really like texting.

Getting all of this?  Straight off my match.com profile so I can guarantee all of the above is spot on, with a few exceptions.

Favorite non-Nic Cage movie: Mulan

Fruit Ninja High Score: 980

Current inspirational quote: “If you can believe it, you can blog it.” — Ozzie Smith

Current favorite song: “Back That Azz Up” — Juvenile

Also, I openly welcome commentary on who I actually am.  If it makes it through the PG-13 filter, you can certainly add to my history, personality, and other facets of my life that appear to be lacking.




2 responses

13 03 2011

A southern “gentlemen”? Has all the dropping left you with multiple personalities?

10 07 2012

you are too strange… you have a lot of interests I didn’t know about: starbuck? playboy? juvenile? where do you get this stuff?!?! hahaha

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