Everyday I run, except for the days I don’t run. Sometimes I run long, sometimes not so long, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and sometimes I manage all simultaneously.  Mostly, I look like some sort of dinosaur when I do it, close to a Velociraptor.

But on a more serious note:

4/13/11 — The last several weeks of training have been essentially the same, with the goal of building more aerobic fitness.  Whether with Grego or Guber, the week has consisted of 3 sessions and a long run.  1km repeats or a track session on Tuesday.  Track usually involves longer repeats (K’s or miles) with some shorter, faster stuff mixed in, getting a solid combo of aerobic work while still getting the legs turned over.  Thursday is threshold day, a run of 25-30 minutes that’s uptempo.  Saturday is hill repeats.  Sunday long run.  Mon, Weds, Friday are recovery days with an easy run and strides to flush the legs for the next day.

5/16/11 — Training has changed very little since leaving Australia.  Track session on Tuesday is starting to get a little quicker, but is still strength oriented.  Threshold, hills, and long run still for the other workouts.  Trying to keep mileage at around 70 per week with a little taper during the two or three days leading up to a race.

7/9/12 — Unless I’m really inspired, no more training updates. Not sure where I was going with it in the first place.


Raleigh Relays 5k — March 29, 2013

Blue Shoes Invitational Mile — April 13

Peyton Jordan 1500m, Stanford — April 28

Occidental, CA 1500m — May 17


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